Welcome to Pioneer RV Park

To assist you with a comfortable and enjoyable stay, the following Rules and Regulations (R&R) must be complied with. Occupants, Tenants, Residents and Guests of Pioneer RV Park, upon checking in, acknowledge receipt of and accepts to comply with the R&R’s in their entirety. Once again, we sincerely welcome you to our RV Park and look forward to your stay.


Check-In /Check-Out

Check-In Any time after 1:00 pm. Check-Out is 12:00 pm



Registration is due immediately upon arriving at the Park. Payment in full is due at time of registration. For after-hours check-ins, please drop the registration card and payment in the overnight slot at the office.


Time Restriction:

Pioneer RV Park is a time-restricted park. The maximum length of stay for any RV is not to exceed 180 consecutive days (6 months).



We accept Cash, Money Orders, and Credit Cards. Checks are only accepted for Long-Term Tenants in good standing. All charges for your stay are due and payable in advance. Once payment is made, there are NO REFUNDS for any reason (except in the event of a cancellation, in which case the cancellation policy and any fees therein will apply). If you have an “LT Lease” these rates do NOT apply to you and will be negotiated individually. Rates are subject to change.


Deposits:(Applies to monthly reservations and special events only):

Reservation Deposit: A non-refundable (see cancellations) $100 deposit will be required to process reservations of 30 nights or more.

Electric Deposit ($100.00) – An electric deposit will be required upon checking into the park (this does not apply to daily or weekly guests). This deposit will be used toward the tenant’s FINAL electric bill since electricity is billed in “the arears” (i.e.-tenant uses electricity first and then is billed later). Tenant agrees to promptly pay any balances owed to park (after deposit is applied) prior to vacating space. Park will reimburse tenant any remaining amount owed to tenant (after deposit is applied) by crediting tenant using same payment method tenant used to pay electric deposit.


Monthly Stays:

  • Monthly rates include water, sewer, and trash. Our WIFI Internet is complementary to our tenants.
  • Our tenants are responsible for conserving their electric and water usage and agree to use both services responsibly.
  • Tenants are responsible for the upkeep of their site (keep it clean, remove pine needles and pinecones, no trash, or debris outside of your vehicle).


Maximum Stay:

  • Tenant acknowledges we have a maximum stay of six (6) months unless an application for residency is offered, completed, and approved.
  • Tenant agrees to vacate the park prior to 181 consecutive days stay at the park for a minimum of 72 hours.

A new reservation must be made to come into the park and a new space will be assigned to the tenant. The tenant cannot go back into the same space. No exceptions!

Tenants will NOT be allowed back into the park if prior charges are not paid in full.


Additional Vehicles:

The rent includes 1 RV & 2 passenger vehicles. The maximum vehicles allowed are 1 RV and 2 cars/trucks/motorcycles (including the tow car).


Late & NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) Fees:

  • Late Fee for the “Monthly Rate” is $50.00 (There is a 5-day grace period for the Monthly Rate). You are considered LATE if your rent is not received by 5 pm on the 5th of the month).
  • Late Fee for the “Weekly Rate” is $20.00 (There is a 1-day grace period for the Weekly Rate). You are considered LATE if your rent is not received within 24 hours of your “would be” check out date from the last payment made.
  • Late Fee for the “Daily Rate” is $5.00 per day. There is NO grace period for the Daily Rate. You are considered LATE if your rent is not received by your “would be” check out date from the last payment made.


NSF (Non-Sufficient Fees) or Returned Check Fee is $25.00.

If the Park receives notice from our bank that a check has been returned for Non-Sufficient Funds, the occupant or tenant who wrote the check will no longer be allowed to pay by check. Future payments must be made by cash, cashier’s check, money order, or credit card. No Exceptions!


Site Location:

  • Tenants are required to maintain their space and RV in a clean, attractive, and well-kept manner.
  • No wood or charcoal firepits or barbecues and no campfires/bonfires. Propane firepits and barbecues only.
  • We are happy to take requests for specific sites and will honor them when possible. At no time, however, are site requests guaranteed, unless the “Lock Site” feature is used ($25 fee per site).
  • A $75 charge will apply to tenants that pull out and do not clean up their space area upon vacating.
  • No washing or working on RVs, cars, trucks, or any other vehicles inside the park (including your site).
  • Large mats, area rugs, etc. (anything that can possibly leave dead area on the lawn) are not allowed under any circumstances. A small foot mat is allowed under RV steps.
  • No free-standing awnings or carport covers are allowed. Awnings attached and part of the RV’s body are the only awnings that are allowed.


Changing Spaces or Sites:

  • Tenant hereby agrees to move sites immediately upon request by park management within 24 hours. We do not allow small RV’s to occupy large spaces. Failure to move when requested will be considered a violation of park rules and will constitute eviction from the park.
  • Tenants MUST have a “tow vehicle” on the property at all times and cannot be “towed in” without a vehicle on the property. You must have a reliable tow vehicle able to move your RV within 24-hour notice by park management.



  • RVs older than 10 years are not allowed, unless an exception has been made by park management and the RV in question is not older than 12 years. Exceptions are based on the condition of the RV and availability.
  • RVs with damage to the exterior unit, including but not limited to broken windows, dents, rust, exposed wiring, missing panels, repairs using tape, tarps, or other unsightly appearance is not suited for this RV Park and may be denied entrance into this Park.
  • RVs must be in good condition and self-contained meaning sewer; water and electric are in good working order and the RV is equipped for living (sleeping & bathing).
  • You must be able to drive your RV in and be able to move it at any time (upon management request).
  • Management reserves the right to refuse admission to vehicles not meeting park standards.
  • Be sure to close awnings when leaving your rig unattended. Strong winds can come about suddenly and cause severe damage to your RV.



  • Only registered guests can stay in RV, no overnight guest(s) will be allowed without written park permission.
  • All overnight guests must be registered with the park office.
  • No guests may stay more than fourteen (14) days without prior written permissions from Park Management. Guest fees may apply.
  • Tenants will be responsible for their guest’s conduct and actions. Tenant’s guests are to be familiarized with the park’s rules and regulations by the tenant during their stay.



  • Children are to remain within the area of your assigned RV space and are not allowed to loiter around park common areas without the presence of their parents.
  • Children are always to be supervised and accompanied by a parent or guardian and parents/guardians must assume full responsibility for all actions of their children and their guests’ children.
  • Skateboards, scooters, and in-line skates are not permitted inside the Park or at the entrance of the Park. This is for the safety of all.



  • No more than two (2) pets will be permitted per space. Park Management reserves the right to deny a pet if the pet proves to pose a threat to the health and safety of tenants in the park. Current licenses and rabies certificates must be available for inspection upon request by park management.
  • Dogs must always be on a leash. Leashes must be a maximum of 6’ in length.
  • Pets may not be kept outside of your site’s boundaries or in common areas of the park–they must be on your site and your site only.
  • Only indoor cats are allowed in the park and they must always remain inside the RV.
  • Animal waste must be picked up immediately! Any person caught by park management not picking up after their pet will be fined ($50.00 per incident) and evicted from the park!
  • Pets judged to be too noisy, too large, or too dangerous by management will not be allowed in the Park. The following aggressive breeds are NOT allowed in the park: Pit Bulls, Chows, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinchers, & other aggressive breeds!
  • Dogs/Cats are not allowed to be tied up and left unattended outside your RV.
  • Pets cannot be left unattended outside the tenants’ RV at any time.
  • Each pet must be licensed and inoculated in accordance with local law.
  • Pets are not allowed in the clubhouse or any recreational area at any time.
  • Pet owners are responsible at all times for their pets, including injury, destruction, and annoyances to other tenants, and the Park and Park Management shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or injury of any kind whatsoever caused by tenant’s pet.
  • Guests are not permitted to bring any pet into the Park without written park management approval.
  • Non-house pets (including farm animals) are prohibited under any circumstances. Strange and exotic pets are not permitted in Park.
  • All sites with pets must be free of animal feces. Under no circumstances will pet feces be tolerated on individual sites. If feces exist on your space, and management is forced to clean up after your pet, you agree to pay $50.00 per clean up (per incident).
  • Pets are not allowed to run loose in the park and will be picked up by Animal Control at the expense of the pet owner.


Speed Limit / Park Signs:

  • Park speed limit is five miles per hour (5mph) and will be strictly enforced.
  • Please obey all park signage (including but not limited to stop signs, speed limits, no park zones, one-way directional arrows, etc.).


Vehicles, Registration & Insurance:

  • All RVs and vehicles must be kept clean, in running condition, exterior paint in good condition, and be in overall presentable condition.
  • All vehicles not operational will be considered abandoned and will be removed and impounded at the vehicle owner’s expense (CA Vehicle Code: 22523).
  • Vehicles leaking oil or fluids are prohibited in the Park and must be repaired off park property.
  • You must be able to provide proof of Registration and Insurance on your RV if requested, and both must always be current.
  • Monthly tenants will need to provide updated Proof of Registration and Insurance upon expiration or as needed.



  • All vehicles must fit within your space or in the space directly in front of your space and “designated” for your space. Parking in others’ spots or in fire lanes is not permitted. Illegally parked vehicles may be cited and/or towed at the owner’s expense (CA Vehicle Code: 22523).
  • Additional vehicles and guest vehicles may only be parked in designated areas. Illegally parked vehicles may be cited and/or towed at the owner’s expense.
  • All signs posted notices and directional arrows must be obeyed. Non-compliance may result in immediate loss of parking privileges and eviction from the park.
  • No parking in unrented spaces at any time. Violators will be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense (CA Vehicle Code: 22523).


RV Sites: 

Park Management conducts site inspections of ALL sites on a regular basis.

  • Nothing but outdoor patio furniture in good condition is allowed on your site. Outside water heaters, refrigerators, washers, dryers, other appliances, permanent or indoor furniture, indoor carpet, and “For Sale” signs are not allowed outside your RV.
  • Park prohibits the storage of any materials under and around your RV.
  • Unsafe, cluttered, or unsightly RV sites will not be tolerated. We work hard to maintain a beautiful environment for all to enjoy. Please help us keep it that way.
  • Site cleanliness is required for aesthetic, sanitary, and safety purposes.
  • Rope, wire, or string may not be attached to trees, vegetation, poles, or County property at any time. Clotheslines are not permitted.
  • The following items are prohibited on RV sites: Excessive firewood, indoor furniture, boxes, refrigerators, appliances, animal cages, trash bags, or recyclable items.
  • Tenants are required to maintain their site and keep it neat and clean with only outdoor furniture and an approved BBQ allowed outside your RV.
  • The construction or installation of permanent structures at your site is strictly prohibited. No enclosed awnings are allowed (only awnings attached to the RV are allowed).


Storage Sheds:

  • Small to medium size “portable sheds” (i.e.- Rubbermaid or similar) are permitted with the written approval of park management. The maximum size is 6’x8’ or 50 sq./ft. Larger wood or metal sheds are prohibited.
  • All other storage of personal items that do not fit inside your shed, needs to be stored inside your RV or stored offsite at RV owner’s expense (i.e. a storage facility).


Landscaping & Fencing:

  • Tenants are NOT allowed to plant or remove any trees, bushes, or flowers without the written consent of park management.
  • Tenants are not allowed to install any kind of fencing without written park management approval. Small 12” high (maximum) white lattice fencing is permitted with written management approval. All other fencing is strictly prohibited (no exceptions)!


Behavior & Conduct:

  • Disorderly conduct, drunkenness, drugs, obscene language, or rowdy behavior are not allowed and will not be tolerated.
  • Registered guests and all other users of this property will be held responsible for any damage or destruction to the RV Park facility (buildings and property).


Quiet Hours:

  • Quiet Hours are from 10:00 pm through 8:00 am daily and must be observed by everyone within the Park.
  • Outside of the above listed quiet hours, unnecessarily loud, intrusive, or disruptive noise is prohibited. Please be courteous to the other guests and tenants of the park.
  • Absolutely no unnecessary, loud, or disruptive noise of any kind is permitted between the hours of 10:00 pm and 8:00 am.
  • Please ensure that speakers, radios, televisions, or any other machinery do not emit sound beyond your space during Quiet Hours.



  • We strive to provide courteous and respectful service therefore profanity, violence, or threats towards our staff will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate eviction from the Park.
  • Please respect the privacy of your fellow neighbors within the Park and do not walk through other tenant’s sites.


Street Lights & RV Lights:

  • Tenants shall not tamper with lights, remove light bulbs, or modify lights in any way. Such conduct is prohibited and will result in eviction from the park.
  • Turn off all outside lights on RV before retiring or by 10:00 pm at the latest.


Safety & Security:

  • Management is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles.
  • Always keep your valuables locked up.
  • Please report any problems to park management immediately.
  • Please notify park management of any incident or accidents as soon as possible. For emergencies dial “911”.


Laundry & Restrooms:

  • Bathrooms, showers, recreation, and laundry facilities are intended for use by registered tenants only. Please leave these facilities in a clean condition after use.
  • Report any non-operational or unsanitary conditions to management immediately.
  • Coin-operated machines are in the laundry room.
  • Washing of dishes, pots, pans, or pets in the bathrooms or laundry area is strictly prohibited.
  • Please clean up after yourself in the park restrooms/shower and laundry area or these privileges will be revoked.
  • Any tenant caught inflicting damage to park property will be responsible financially for all damages, will fully be evicted from the park, and prosecuted by law.
  • Our showers accept quarters only, and there is a coin exchange machine in the laundry room that will accept one- and five-dollar bills.



  • The littering of smoking materials (i.e.-cigarette butts, ashes, cigars, etc.) in or around the park is strictly prohibited. This includes your site!
  • Extinguish and properly dispose of all smoking materials in the proper receptacles (NOT ON THE GROUND).
  • Smoking is prohibited inside any Park building on the property, including all restrooms, office, clubhouse, laundry, and any other park facilities.
  • Sites must always be free of any cigarette or cigar butts. A $50.00 charge will be charged to the tenant if park management must clean up your site due to excessive butts on your site.



  • Garbage dumpsters are in the Park for your convenience (See “Park Map” for locations). Please place all your everyday trash in the dumpsters and close lids after use.
  • All trash is to be bagged and disposed of in the trash bins located in the Park.
  • Items prohibited from being put in or around the trash bins include Furniture, appliances, electronics, wood, concrete, any building materials, batteries, BBQs, carpeting or rugs, metals, any hazardous, combustible or flammable materials or substances.
  • For health and safety reasons, all persons are prohibited from sorting through refuse containers inside the park.


WIFI Internet Usage:

  • The park offers free WIFI to all guests and tenants. You will be given a packet with the login information for the park WIFI system. Additionally, there is a phone number on the WIFI sheet for WIFI customer service. Do NOT call the office for internet help. Call the provided number only.



There are two ways a long-term RV tenant can receive “mail service” from the US Post Office.

1) The tenant can obtain a post office box either from the US Post Office, a Mailbox Etc., UPS Store or similar.

2) The tenant can receive “mail service” from the park direct. The park will not be held responsible for your mail under any circumstances. Special packages that do NOT fit in your personal mailbox (if you were provided one) must be picked up at the park office Mon-Fri during the business hours.


Park Utilities & Pedestals:

  • All RV’s shall be properly connected to water, sewer, and electric in a safe and conforming manner. Water hoses shall be tightly fitted free of any leaks and must be connected using a pressure regulator as our water pressure is very high (85+ PSI). Sewer hoses shall be the proper length, shall be properly secured to the park’s sewer pipe and free of any cracks or leakage. All sewer hoses must be on levelers or stands that properly gravitate from the RV toward the sewer pipe. Sewer hoses must be free of bends or kinks in line to have proper flow from the RV to sewer drain pipe.
  • Your RV must have a proper factory-approved electrical cord suitable for your RV’s amperage. The cord must be in good working order, proper length and free of cracks, frayed lines, slicing, or exposure to wires. All Electrical cords must be plugged into a surge protector in the event of a power outage. Park will not be responsible for any damage to RV due to improper cords, plugs, or lack of surge protectors.
  • Tenants damaging our electrical system due to improper cords or plugs used will be responsible for the repair of our system.
  • If the tenant damages any park property including but not limited to our electrical pedestals, tenant will be liable for all repair or replacement costs.
  • Only one (1) RV shall be hooked up to the utilities on each site. No other vehicle or RV shall be hooked up or connected to the same pedestal as the primary RV. No RV at any time shall be connected to any other site except the site they registered and paid for. This is strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate eviction.



  • Residents shall undertake all necessary actions to conserve water and prevent waste, including repairing any leaky fixtures, hoses, etc.
  • No black or gray water is to meet the ground. Rinse holding tank basin after each use.
  • Most of our sites are irrigated and the sprinklers automatically run each morning between 5 am and 7 am. Please move any personal items that you do not want to get wet. Turning off the water to the sprinkler timers at each site and/or turning off the sprinkler timers is prohibited. Please help us keep the grass green.


Sewer/Septic System:

  • Do not put any objects down the sewer lines. Bodily (human) waste and RV approved biodegradable toilet paper are the ONLY things that should be put through and dumped into the sewer system. Any other items including but not limited to: Feminine products, hay, rags, ashes, clothes, diapers or wipes, foreign objects, grease, oil, or other improper items shall NOT be placed into the sewer system.
  • The cost of repairing clogs or clearing stoppages and all other damages caused by such improper items put into the sewer system shall be the sole responsibility of the Tenant and not the park.
  • The Park is ONLY responsible for sewer problems associated with tree roots, normal pipe wear, and tear or the normal deterioration of pipes.
  • Sewer connection must be equipped with proper fittings at both ends (free of cracks or tears). All drain connectors must have a slope of ½” per foot from the RV to the park drain system. No drippings and/or smells are acceptable.
  • The spilling, dumping, or other discharge onto the ground of any water or waste, including but not limited to human or animal, is prohibited by law.
  • Site sewer caps must be replaced prior to leaving the site.


Electric Usage:

  • Our electric pedestals have individual meters and tenants will be billed (at current PG&E rates) based on their individual usage determined by your space’s meter readings. Monthly readings are taken and logged by park management. Electricity is billed in the rears (i.e. January usage is billed in February, February usage is billed in March, and so on).
  • Upon entering the park, you will be required to place an “Electric Deposit” which will be used toward your LAST month’s electric bill (“Final Electric Bill”). Depending on the amount of your “Final Electric Bill”, you will either owe the difference or be issued a refund for the difference. This refund will be processed immediately upon vacating park by our main office.
  • Tenant hereby agrees to pay for their electric charges immediately when billed. If the electric bill is not paid by the tenant within 30 days of billing, park management will send the outstanding charges to a “collection agency” for collections.
  • For the current electrical rate schedule, please contact PG&E, or see the rate schedule sheet posted in the laundry room.


Vehicle Abandonment:

  • Tenants shall not abandon their cars, trucks or RV or leave for an extended period without notifying park management. Tenants shall be responsible for all damages suffered by the Owner in the event of abandonment of any vehicle.


Other Prohibited Acts:

  • Fireworks of any kind are not permitted on park property.
  • No weapons shall be discharged on the grounds and all weapons shall be kept in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws.
  • Campfires or open fires are strictly prohibited. Outdoor cooking and charcoal fires are permitted in your space inside an approved (fully contained) outdoor BBQ only!
  • Only propane firepits are allowed. Wood, pellet, or otherwise fueled firepits are strictly prohibited.
  • Drunk and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated and are grounds for eviction.
  • Riding any engine-powered vehicle in the Park for recreation is not permitted.
  • No business or commercial activity of any nature shall be conducted within the park or at your site.
  • No persons shall engage in any criminal or drug-related activity in or near the Park.
  • No Littering is permitted in the park. This includes your site and park common areas.
  • No overnight outdoor sleeping is permitted.
  • Absolutely no Sub-Leasing is allowed.
  • Harassment – Conduct which threatens, harasses or intimidates others is prohibited. The Community encourages any residents who feel as though they have been the subject of improper harassment to promptly report such incidents to park management and any other property authority so that they can be investigated.
  • Damage to park property (including but not limited to): Restrooms, utilities, landscaping, vehicles, or signage is strictly prohibited. Tenants will be held responsible for the repair of any damages made by them and will be prosecuted by the park.
  • You shall not park any vehicle on any site you have not registered and paid for.



  • Tenants and their guests agree to abide by all local City, State, and Federal Laws during your stay in the Park.
  • Occupants and their vehicles may be removed without a judicial hearing by law enforcement officers upon 72 hours written notice for failure to pay the full amount of space rent when due or for failure to comply with the written rules and regulations of the Park (CA Civil Code 799.20 et. Seq.). Responsible law enforcement agency:


Plumas County Sheriff’s Department, telephone number (530) 283-6375

  • The owners and the management will not be responsible for accidents, injuries or loss of property caused by fire, theft, floods, other tenants, or any acts of God.


Eviction from the Park:

  • Failure to pay in advance for space occupancy or failure to comply with Park Rules & Regulations currently in effect is grounds for eviction without refund and refusal of future admittance by park management.
  • Failure to pay in advance for rent or utilities immediately when billed is grounds for eviction without refund and refusal of future admittance by park management.


Local Law Enforcement Agency:

Plumas County Sheriff’s Office Phone Number: (530) 283-6375




•  There are no refunds after check-in. Refunds are prohibited for voluntary departure or eviction.

•  Any refund processed will be refunded in the same form that it was originally paid or a reservation credit can be issued to a future stay to be used within one year from the date that the reservation credit was issued.

•  All refunds processed via credit/debit card will be processed back to the original credit/debit card that was used, no exceptions.